Fried cassava to huanca


February 9, 2015


1Wash and peel the cassava.

2They cut 2 of 3 pieces, depending on the size and boil in salted water.

3Cook until softened manioken.

4Pour the water and let cool.

5Cut into pieces of manioken 1,5 x 5 cm (½ x 2 cm).

6Heat the oil in a pan and fry the cassava until golden.


8Manioken can be frozen ready for frying. Remove from freezer and pour directly into hot oil.

9Serve as an appetizer with salsa huancaína.

Salsa Huancaína:

1Place in blender chopped chili mix with milk.

2Heated 1 tablespoon oil in a frying pan and fry onion until tender.

3Add the garlic and mix.

4Place onion in blender, together with the chopped cheese. Blend.

5Add oil to until a creamy sauce.


1 of 2 manioken

Vegetable oil (required amount of)


Salsa Huancaína:

7 yellow chili pepper, seeded

Oil (required amount of)

1 small onion, chopped

300 g Cheese (ricotta of feta)

2 / 3 cup milk

1 clove of garlic, mince