Broodpudding -



February 8, 2015


For the caramel:

11 cup sugar

2Little water and a few drops of lemon juice

3 --Preparation:

4Crumble the bread in the milk.

5Put them in a bowl with the raisins, of likeur in the sinaasappelschil.

6Leave it for a moment.

7Beat the eggs with the sugar and vanilla essence in a separate bowl.

8Add the bread crumbs with the milk and mix well.

9Finally, add the raisins in orange liqueur and orange zest.

10 --Oven

11Pour the mixture into the cake pan in a moderate oven bath (150g) in front of 1 hour or so.

12Moisten the cake.

13Put the sugar over.

14Kara Minimize with a burner.


leftover bread 600 g

1 l milk

100 g raisins (Optional)

sinaasappellikeur (Optional)

orange peel 1

6 Owner

1 cup sugar