Chipa Guaza


February 9, 2015


1In a small saucepan warm, doing the oil in.

2Add the onions, let them fry for a few minutes.

3Then add the milk and let it cook for about eight minutes.

4Add the cheese, (cut into very thin slices)​​, then the beaten eggs and grated corn kernels.

5Season with salt and pepper. This dough is fairly fluid.

6Put this mixture in a greased pan and bring it to a 250 º preheated oven, until golden on the top.

7Let it stand for five minutes before serving.


3 sliced ​​onions

4 whole maïskolven (which you grains and grate)

500 g. cream cheese (it can mozzarella cheese)

6 Owner, well beaten

1 ½ cup milk

salt and pepper

½ cup corn oil