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Ice watermelon


February 10, 2015


1Klop de room op, then add the sugar and the water in the cup and programming 10 minutes 100 º V-2. (do with thermomix or other device to make ice)

2If time runs out, Resetting speed 4 (without a time-) and gradually add the egg yolks.

3Then 2 minutes at 70 º speed 4.

4Add the watermelon there, speed 1 (no time) set, Increase the speed gradually 6.

5Add the brandy and mix 15 seconds speed 2 programmed.

6Finish off with a spatula.

7Pour into a large bowl and let cool.

8When the mixture is cool to take the cream and whip.

9Pour the cream into a mold, and place it in the freezer.

10Remove 15 minutes before serving.


750 g whipping cream

200 g sugar

100 ml water

8 egg yolks


50 ml brandy