Shrimp Soup


February 9, 2015


1Fry over high heat in a pot of hot oil onion, garlic, tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.

2Add the stock and simmer.

3Stir in rice and cook for five minutes.

4Pour the potato, corn and fry for five minutes.

5Add the beans, school, pumpkin, marigold and correct seasoning.

6Beat egg and add slowly to the mixture.

7Add the remaining four eggs and cook for two minutes.

8Add the prawns and the milk.

9Put some cheese and correct the taste.

10Serve hot.


1 pounds of shrimp cleaned

1 / 2 cup oil

1 cup chopped onion

4 cloves of garlic, ground beef

1 tomato, skinned and seeded, sliced

2 liter visbouillon

1 / 2 cup rice

1 / 2 pounds white potatoes, peeled and halved

1 sliced ​​maize

1 cup of green beans

1 cup chopped cabbage

1 cup diced pumpkin 2 cm

1 / 2 cup chopped marigold

5 Owner

1 cup evaporated milk

1 / 2 pounds of grated cheese

Salt and pepper to taste