spain-kitchen-smallOf Spanish cuisine consists of many regional cuisines, such as the Catalan,Galicische of Basque kitchens all vary greatly.

Typical features of Spanish cuisine:

  • – Use of olive oil.
  • – The use of various types of garlic, parsley and onions The main ingredients of their dishes.
  • 2 that's cool daily food (around 15:00 around and 22:00), usually a starter and a main course.
  • – Eating fruit or sweets as dessert.
  • – The use of herbs such as rosemary or oregano to a limited extent.
  • – Breakfast includes fruit, strong coffee and sweets which are completely different in each region.
  • – When hot dishes usually there bread bijgegeten.
  • – Eat small snacks – better known as Tops. View all tapas recipes.

Typical dishes of Spanish cuisine:

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