Black Criools beef


February 11, 2015


1Marinate the meat with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

2Place in a bowl and make the marinade with onion, garlic, pepper, tomatoes and water.

3Leave it for a few hours or overnight in the marinade.

4Remove the meat from the bowl and wipe a little juice with a fork.

5In a pan, place over medium-high heat (be careful do not burn), oil and raw sugar.

6Bake meat while turning so as to form a seal and dark crust on all sides.

7Remove the roast and put the sauce in a bowl.

8Put the roast in another pot with the sauce.

9Add the salt and pepper to taste, stir well.

10Let it cook under low heat until soft, for about one hour.

11Again to remove the roast and cut the meat into thin pieces, back into the sauce and cook for half an hour to an hour until the meat is tender and juicy good.

12Add salt and pepper to taste.


1 kg rundsvlees

½ chopped onion

½ chopped green pepper

½ red pepper, chopped

4 cloves of garlic, squeezed

5 peeled plum tomatoes, cored, cut and mixed with a little water

salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste

3 tablespoons raw sugar

3 tablespoons oil