Tapas is the greatest thing that has come from the Spanish cuisine.

Tapas were not intended to be a full meal. A tapa per person and each other tapa with every drink was the idea, then everyone enjoys the taste and share.

Tapas are made with the local ingredients presented with flair.

The idea comes from Andalusia. It started with a piece of bread, later with ham or cheese. This was then laid on a glass in order to keep the flies from the glass- the word tapa means a covering.

Tapas were first free snacks that were included in the price of the drink, but today they are usually ordered separately.

Nowadays there different types of tapas. Namely the cold and hot tapas. In the cold and hot tapas you can choose from a variety of tapas again because with cheese – some – meat or other ingredients.

Below is a brief overview of some tapas.

Tapas with fish:

Prawns in crispy – Prawns raincoat

Gambas with garlic – Shrimp Scampi

Cod stew


Tapas with meat:

Meatballs in sauce albondiga

Chicken with garlic

Stuffed chicken with ham


Tapas with other ingredients:

Patatas bravas


Homemade Potato


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