Caraqueno balls


February 11, 2015


1Fry the garlic in a little oil.

2Add onion and cook until tender.

3Add the peppers and cook the meat cook for a few minutes to make stirring loose.

4Add the meat and tomatoes, mix everything well.

5Add the bay leaf, salt, pepper and cumin to taste.

6Reduce heat and cook the stew topped a half hour to 45 minutes.

7Let cool.

For the sauce: fry in olive oil, garlic first, and de ui, place the tomatoes and tomato paste, paprika powder, if desired,.

1Add water, salt and pepper to taste.

2Reduce heat and cook covered for about 15 minutes.

3If sauce is too thick, put a little water there.

For the pastry: add the corn flour with salt, a dash of oil and water gradually together.

1Stir and knead until the dough is smooth.

2Make balls of approximately 6 cm in diameter, make a hole with a finger and open for filling with the meat, close the ball again with the dough.

3Fry the balls in the oil until lightly browned.

4Place the balls into the sauce. Leave them in a covered pot for about 20 minutes cooking. Usually solves a little dough in the sauce, making it thicker. We recommend cooking with lots of sauce.


For the stew:

½ pounds lean ground beef

2 cloves of garlic, chopped or crushed

2 tablespoons chopped red pepper

1 small onion chopped

3 tomatoes peeled and seeded chopped or liquid

salt, pepper and cumin to taste

A little olive oil for sautéing

Optional: a bay leaf, which is removed when the stew is ready

For the pastry:

½ pounds voorgekookt maïsmeel (broodmeel)

salt to taste

little oil


For the tomato sauce:

8 plum tomatoes, Skinned, seeded and diced

1 tablespoon tomato paste if you want to give more consistency to the sauce.

a small onion, chopped

2 cloves of garlic, chopped or crushed

2 tablespoons chopped red pepper

salt and pepper to taste

¼ cup water

a dash of olive oil, or vegetable

Oil to fry the dumplings, or enough water to cook them