January 31, 2015


1Boil the yucca / cassava cooked with garlic, ui, lot, chili tomato pulp and liquid in a pot.

2When the yucca is done it has to be taken out of the pot.

3Boil the fish.

4Sprinkle red onion with lemons.

5Put the yuca on a tray diced.

6When the fish is cooked cut into pieces.

7Put olive oil and herbs to the cooking liquid from the fish.

8Put the yuca and fish back to the mixture and stir again.

9Serve warm with banana chips and lemon slices.


2 kg of cooked fish or tuna

½ bunch mint

3 white onions

3 pound liquid tomato pulp

1 grote cassava / maniok

1 pound red onion

3 cloves of garlic

salt and pepper to taste

6 lemons

3 tomatoes

olive oil