Braided pastries


February 10, 2015


1We do milk, egg yolks, sugar, gist, bread flour and butter together in a bowl and mixing this very well so that we obtain a smooth mixture.

2We put the pastry dough on a baking tray and grease with melted butter and fill the dough with chopped apples, raisins and chopped nuts.

3Then sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon.

4We make a diagonal cut and make it a braid.

5We explain this then on top so that the top end is located fully with braids and fixedly connected with the bottom dough.

6Paint with beaten egg the entire mass and put it to one side so that it can double.

7Bake at 180 degrees during 20-25 minutes.


For the pastry:

- 150 g melk

- 50 g butter

- 3 egg yolks

- 20 g bakkersgist

- 400 g broodmeel

- 50 g sugar

For the filling:

- 30 g butter

- 200 g call

- 50 g raisins

- 100 g walnuts

- 50 g brown sugar

- teaspoon cinnamon