Stuffed squid


February 8, 2015


1Clean the squid, cut the tentacles.

2Fry the onion with the tentacles, ham and salt.

3Fill the squid with a spoon.

4Fill the ends with a piece of cheese on both sides

5The sauce for 10 minutes cooking.


1Take garlic and crush it in a mortar along with parsley and solved with wine.

2In the oil we fry the leeks and peppers cut into strips.

3Add the peeled tomatoes into pieces to.

4Add the peppers, then add.

5Season with the mixture from the mortar and pour some wine at.

6We do the squid to the sauce.

7If the squid is cooked, we remove it from the sauce and cut into slices.

8Serve topped with sauce.

9It is ideal to serve with white rice.


800 gr. small squid

1 cup white wine

250 gr him

150 g cheddar kaas


salt and pepper

garlic and parsley to taste

1 red onion

1 leek

1 red pepper