Soup of meat and torrejas


February 8, 2015


1Place the beef rib and beef in a pot with the onion, a sprig of parsley and chopped peeled tomatoes.

2Cover everything with water.

3Add salt and garlic and cook until the meat is cooked.

4Take the meat out and chop.

5Cut the ribs into pieces and put them in the broth.

6Add the potatoes and bring to the boil.

7In another pan, heat oil and then we add the chopped onions, coriander and chopped tomato.

8Add the spices and cook the ground beef.

9Remove from heat, stir the soaked bread and eggs.

10Mix well until all is incorporated.

11Fry the fritters by spoonfuls into a pan with hot oil.

12To serve, leg 2 of 3 fritters on each plate soup.


500 gram beef rib

2 cloves of crushed garlic

1 sprig of parsley

500 grams of potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks.

1 red onion

250 tablespoons achiote oil

2 Owner

salt to taste

500 ounces of beef

3 tablespoons chopped white onion

2 tomatoes

8 cups water

1 tablespoon chopped cilantro

1/2 cup bread soaked in milk

cumin and pepper