February 9, 2015


1Wash the fish heads and spines.

2Fry in a pan with oil, garlic, ui, tomato,celery, leek, koriander in lot.

3Add the fish heads and spines to.

4Cover with water and cook on moderate fire, covered, 1 ½ hour.

5Strain the broth.

6In this heat cooking cassava, potatoes, corn, green onion and chili Mirasol.

7Bak fillets.

8Serve each dish by placing the fish, maniok, potatoes, corn, broth and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

9Press a few drops of lemon over it then.


6 visfilets

1 pounds of fish head and spine

¼ cup oil

3 cloves of garlic, ground beef

1 ui, coarsely chopped

2 tomatoes, sliced ​​thick

1 celery stalk, ground beef

2 stalks chopped green onion

9 cups water

Ground Beef 1 leek (white part)



2 sprigs of coriander

2 sprigs of parsley

2 sprigs of mint or mint

Cassava chopped ½ medium

2 potatoes, cooked and cut into 4

1 sliced ​​maize

Aji Mirasol 1 whole roasted


chopped parsley for decoration