Sardines in different ways


February 8, 2015


Cleaning of sardines

1Wash the fish well.

2Cut the head diagonally.

3Wash. If you wash, discarding the rest of the membrane.

4Handle cut with a knife from top to bottom, so that the sardine lengthwise cut.

5Cut piece tail off.

6So keep two separate fillets on.

7Carefully peel losing the spine of the fillet without many bones in the flesh.

8Was this then another good so that the sardines are completely clean.

Breaded way

1Marinate the sardines with garlic, onions, salt, pepper, lemon or vinegar. leave them in the marinade for a day.

2Paneer they then beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.

3Fry in hot fat.

In de oven

1Clean the sardines ready: marinate and breading.

2Put them in a well-greased pan.

3Make every minute 1/2 teaspoons butter / oil.

4Bake about 25 minute golden.


In a casserole

1Marinate it to your wish.

2Cooking in pan with potatoes, onions, pepper, etc with 2 of 3 tablespoons dry white wine.

3Remember that fish requires little time to cook, do not let it burn.


500 gram sardines


4 Owner

Season bringers (citroen, garlic, ui, nutmeg, etc)

Oil for frying